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Tramadol Generic Capsules 50 Mg 10 CAPS Tramadol (Ultra) capsules belongs to the group of opioid analgesics and is used in cases of: Acute pain Postoperative pain Traumatic pain Noncropping pain Other types of pain Tramadol 50mg inhibits nerve pain impulses, thereby significantly reducing pain. The drug can be prescribed by a doctor for cancer pain and other types of diseases, as well as for diagnosis or therapy, which can cause pain. It has an additional sedative and antitussive action. In our online pharmacy, you can buy Tramadol at the most affordable price. The order will be issued by our specialists as quickly as possible and immediately sent the specified delivery services. After sending, we will give you the tracking number. Your medicine will be available at the address provided. There are some contraindications to the use of Tramadol 50mg: Drug or alcohol addiction; Impaired respiratory function; •Increased intracranial pressure; Shock; Brain diseases; Pregnancy 1 trimester (with 2 and 3 trimester, you should strictly consult your doctor), the lactation period; Epilepsy, a tendency to epileptic seizures You can also buy Tramadol 50mg in an amount of 30 capsules. We always try to offer the most affordable prices for drugs. Tramadol analogue is Ultram capsules, which also contain the analgesic active substance and may contain paracetamol. Buy Tramadol 50mg can be in any quantity, so you can save money on delivery, but be sure to remember that exceeding the dose (more than 300mg per day) can lead to serious consequences.


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