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The anxiolytic pharmacological agent bromazepam lexotan is prescribed for the treatment of anxiety. Lexotan effectively deals with emotional tension, feelings of anxiety and anxiety, fear. Lexatin produces mild sedative-hypnotic, anticonvulsant, and central muscle relaxant effects. Generic name: Bromazepam. Brand name: Lexotan.

The anxiolytic pharmacological agent bromazepam lexotan is prescribed for the treatment of anxiety.

Lexotan effectively deals with emotional tension, feelings of anxiety and anxiety, fear. Lexatin produces mild sedative-hypnotic, anticonvulsant, and central muscle relaxant effects.

Generic name: Bromazepam.

Brand name: Lexotan.

Country of manufacture: Switzerland.

Manufacturer: F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Ltd.



Anxiety can occur suddenly, in the form of a panic state, or develop gradually over minutes, hours or days. Anxiety can last from a few seconds to several years, although longer duration is more common with anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders range from subtle doubt to intense panic. Human behavior during the development of anxiety disorders is individual in nature.

If, for no reason, you have strong, long-term symptoms of anxiety that are uncontrollable and interfere with everyday activities, including communication with other people, you should contact your family doctor or nurse.


Lexotanil composition:

Active substance

1 tablet


3 mg / 6 mg


Indications for using Lexotan

The drug is prescribed by doctors strictly according to the indications:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder (general persistent anxiety);
  • Adaptation disorder;
  • Insomnia;
  • Violations of the vegetative system;
  • Anxiety, with chronic diseases of the central nervous system.

Other reasons for using lexotanil: increased urination, psychogenic dermatoses, mental disorders, irritable bowel syndrome.


Contraindications lexomil

  • Children under 18;
  • Pregnant women (especially 1 trimester);
  • Lactation period;
  • Hypersensitivity to Bromazepam.

It is forbidden to use Lexotan when the patient is comatose, in a state of shock, alcoholic or drug intoxication, acute respiratory failure, myasthenia gravis.

It is strongly not recommended to take bromazepam lexotan together with other sedative medications or hypnotics.


Overdose of lexotanil 3mg

In case of an overdose of bromazepam, the risk of side effects increases. Symptom s overdose:

  • Depression of the central nervous system (from drowsiness to coma);
  • Confusion of consciousness;
  • Lethargy and drowsiness;
  • Oppression of the heart or respiratory system;
  • Even death is rarely possible.

Treatment: immediate gastric lavage, administration of an absorbent agent, constant supervision of medical personnel.


Dosage and method of administration lexilium tablete

The dosage regimen is set strictly individually. The tablets are taken orally. It is recommended to start at the lowest effective dose and increase gradually. When treating at home, the average daily dosage is 1.5-3 mg 2-3 times a day. The duration of admission is 2-4 weeks, then bromazepam is gradually canceled or switched to maintenance therapy. The maximum daily dose is 60 mg per day.

Medical advice: Do not start taking lexotan 3mg without a doctor's prescription, it may increase the risks of other diseases. Strictly follow the doctor's recommendations, do not interrupt the course of treatment without special indications.


Side effects of lexotan 6mg


Type of adverse reaction

Central and peripheral nervous system

Drowsiness, muscle weakness, fatigue, tremors of the limbs, numbness, decreased alertness, headache, dizziness.

Digestive system

The most common side effects are dry mouth or drooling. Heartburn, vomiting, nausea. Decreased appetite and weight loss. Renal dysfunction, jaundice.

Allergic reactions

Skin rash or itching.

Reproductive system

Decreased libido

urinary system

Urinary incontinence, urinary retention and edema, impaired renal function.

Lexotan is a drug that interacts with many other drugs that act on the central nervous system, such as antidepressants, opioid analgesics, psychotropic drugs, and sedative antihistamines. It is important to follow your doctor's instructions when using Lexotan, and if you are experiencing distressing symptoms, contact him as soon as possible.


 What is lexotan lexotanil tablets used for?

Lexotan lexotanil tablets are used to treat anxiety, most often the medicine is prescribed by a psychotherapist. The tablets have a sedative effect, thereby helping to cope with insomnia or stress.


Where to buy lexotanil? How much does lexotan cost?

You can buy the medicine from a Swiss manufacturer in our online pharmacy. In Mexico, the drug is sold without a prescription.


 ¿Para qué se utiliza Lexotan?

Lexotan trata eficazmente la tensión emocional, los sentimientos de ansiedad y ansiedad, el miedo. Lexatina produce efectos sedantes-hipnóticos, anticonvulsivos y relajantes musculares centrales leves.

Otras razones para usar lexotanil incluyen: aumento de la micción, dermatosis psicógenas, trastornos mentales, síndrome del intestino irritable.

Additional Information About Lexotan

Lexotan Bromazepam has several pharmaceutical forms to take into consideration. This generic can be presented as oral pills of different concentrations of the main active agents – benzodiazepines. These are brain chemicals that treat anxiety the same way as other high-price medications on the pharma market.

For example, there are Lexotan Bromazepam 3 mg, 6mg, and even 1,5 mg. Usually, the healthcare specialists prescribe the generic of medium or high benzodiazepine concentration. Lexotan 1,5 mg is produced rarely and is used only for some mild and temporary mental conditions.

Among the inactive ingredients that are presented in the anti-anxiety generic are:

  • Cellulose;

  • Magnesium stearate;

  • Iron oxide, etc.

Note that this generic is GMO and gluten-free. In combination with Bromazepam, all the inactive agents bring anxiolytic effects. It is recommended to intake the Lexotan 3mg, 6mg according to the schedule with no gaps for a better pharmaceutical result.

For example, tablets with a high concentration of benzodiazepines are used for heavy forms of anxiety and other chronic mental disorders. At the same time, doctors often treat insomnia with this generic and prescribe Lexotan 3mg for sleep.

More Recommendations for the Lexotan Administration

Besides the risk of severe side effects in case of overdosing (addiction to the drug, headaches, chronic fatigue, etc.), the patients should avoid forgetting to take the generic. If one or several doses are skipped, the accumulative effect of the active agent decreases. It means that the treatment course can be prolonged by the healthcare specialist.

  1. It is recommended to intake the Bromazepam Lexotan generic on an empty stomach in 30-60 minutes the mealtime. 

  2. Pill intake should be complemented with enough water. This way the generic will be absorbed better.

  3. If the patient is afraid of forgetting Lexotan use, it is better to opt for the reminder. 

  4. Form a habit to take anti-anxiety pills at the same time every day. 

  5. If you use Lexotan twice a day, make sure that you have optimal breaks between intakes (for example, use the generic in the morning and in the evening).

Attention! If you missed the pill, do not double your dose. It is dangerous for your health! Consult your doctor if it is reasonable to prolong the treatment course in case 4 or more pills were missed during your anti-anxiety regimen.

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Lexotan Bromazepam
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Lexotan Bromazepam