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Acxion Phentermine
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Acxion Phentermine
Dosage:15 mg 30 tabs, 30 mg 30 tabs, AP 30 mg 30 tabs, C 30 mg 30 caps
Acxion Phentermine C 30 mg 30 caps
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Acxion Phentermine C 30 mg 30 caps
Disebsin Terfamex Phentermine 15mg 30 tabs
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Disebsin Terfamex Phentermine 15mg 30 tabs
Dosage:15 mg, 30 mg
Itravil-IFA Clobenzorex
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Itravil-IFA Clobenzorex
Dosage:30 mg 60 caps, AP 60 mg 30 caps
Mazindol Lose-IFA
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Mazindol Lose-IFA
Dosage:1 mg 30 tabs, 2 mg 30 tabs
Norex  Amfepramone hydrochloride
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Norex Amfepramone hydrochloride
Quantity in a package:IFA Pills 50mg 30 Tabs
Xenical 120 mg 21 caps
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Xenical 120 mg 21 caps
Quantity in a package:Generic, Orlistat
Esbeltex Konjac 120 caps
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Esbeltex Konjac 120 caps
Obeclox Clobenzorex
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Obeclox Clobenzorex
Quantity in a package:30 mg 30 Tabs, LP 60 mg 30 tabs Extended release
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Weight Loss Pills and Medicines

Weight loss medications

To get rid of excess fat in the body, it is necessary to first examine the possible causes of its appearance. Excessive pounds are usually the result of an imbalance between energy intake from food and energy expenditure. Excess calories that enter the body and are not expended turn into fat deposits. The result is weight gain and dysfunction of internal organs and systems. Overeating leads to obesity in 90% of cases. Approximately 5% of cases are due to a metabolic disorder in the body.

Factors contributing to the development of obesity:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • enzyme activity disorders (increased lipogenesis activity in fat breakdown and decreased lipolytic activity);
  • eating disorders (predominance of carbohydrates, salt, fat);
  • multiple physiological conditions (e.g., menopause, pregnancy, breastfeeding).

Prior factors such as frequent stress and lack of sleep should not be ignored. Taking psychotropic and hormonal medications also contributes to obesity. Changes in eating habits are associated with hypothalamic-pituitary dysregulation. Increased activity is accompanied by hyperproduction of ACTH and the rate of cortisol production and acceleration of metabolic processes due to its involvement. This reduces the release of hormones that stimulate the body and have a lipolytic effect. As a result, hyperinsulinemia develops and thyroid hormone metabolism stops.

Classification of drugs for weight loss

Men’s and women's weight loss pills are divided into groups according to the principle of action:

  1. Anorectics. They suppress appetite by acting through sibutramine, a substance that sends satiety signals to the brain.
  2. Fat burners. They are divided into two categories: they accelerate fat metabolism and reduce the digestibility of carbohydrates, and are designed to accelerate metabolic processes. These pills to lose belly fat and other fat deposits in problem areas.
  3. Laxatives. Promote the rapid removal of waste food masses. They allow the body to be effectively cleansed of toxins.
  4. Diuretics. They eliminate excess fluid, getting rid of edema.
  5. Preparations based on MCC. Microcrystalline cellulose swells when penetrating the stomach, which helps eliminate feelings of hunger.

There are also combined weight loss medications that not only have a fat-burning effect but, also help build muscle structures. Such an approach allows not only weight loss, but also gives the figure the desired shape.

Can you take diet pills with high blood pressure?

Patients with heart disease and hypertension should not take weight loss medications on their own. In addition, intensive weight loss in hypertension puts additional strain on the body, especially on kidney function.

Some drugs, such as stimulants, cause an increase in BP and an additional load on the heart. It is obligatory to consult a doctor before taking drugs for weight loss.

Caffeine weight loss pills

Caffeine produces the hormone adrenaline, which affects metabolism. Adrenaline stimulates the breakdown of fats in fat cells and the production of fatty acids. From these, the body removes energy at high loads. But if there is no physical activity, the fat resumes in the problem areas.

Hence, the conclusion: it makes sense to take caffeine for weight loss only before sports training, so that the drug has time to work. Then, the breakdown of fats is accelerated several times during physical exertion.

Take the tablets 30 minutes before the workout (you may eat food up to 1.5 hours before the workout).

If you take caffeine, you should drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water a day.

In overdose, the substance can cause

  • arrhythmia, muscle spasms;
  • chills;
  • headache;
  • stomach pain;
  • dehydration due to frequent urination;
  • increased anxiety;
  • confusion;
  • nausea and vomiting, in severe cases - with a mixture of blood.

The drug increases the load on the liver and kidneys, causes leaching of potassium from the body. Therefore, before using caffeine for weight loss, you should consult your doctor and undergo an examination. Your doctor will determine the optimal dose of caffeine and will likely prescribe a course of vitamins or supplements.

Vitamins and dietary supplements for weight loss

When you are on a diet, the number of nutrients that comes into your body with meals decreases. As a consequence, your mood and appearance may deteriorate and excessive feelings of hunger may arise. Taking, fat loss vitamins, you accelerate metabolic processes in the body, more effectively begin to burn fat deposits, maintain vigor and well-being of the body as a whole.

L-carnitine for energy. L-carnitine has many functions, from increasing energy production to removing accumulated toxins from the body. The body uses carnitine as a fuel for the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a universal source of energy. L-carnitine increases resistance to stress, stimulates the brain and is an antioxidant. For weight correction, it is recommended to combine taking supplements with a proper diet and exercise. It is also recommended to take them before training to enhance the effect of sports activities. If your goal is to rebuild muscle tissue, take L-carnitine after your workout. In both cases, it is recommended to take the drug between meals, not at the same time. It is better absorbed this way.

BCAA for muscle growth and immunity. This is a complex of three amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine, obtained from food or supplements. These are the building proteins that the body uses to build tissue. BCAA, eliminate protein deficiencies in processed muscle so that muscles that have already been built do not break down during exercise. In addition, they enhance performance and immune system and reduce muscle soreness after a workout. BCAA consumption promotes muscle growth, increases strength, stamina and energy, and completely eliminates excess water from the body. An indispensable ingredient for quality body building.

Fish oil for satiety and fast metabolism. The benefits of fish oil for weight loss lie in the special effect of fatty acids on the body. In particular, the increased level of DHA helps to reduce existing fat cells (fat tissue cells) and prevent the formation of new fat cells. The following factors also contribute to the fight against excess weight: feeling full, accelerating fat oxidation, building "clean" muscle mass and preventing insulin resistance, and accelerating weight loss.

Conjugated linoleic acid against fat deposition. CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, is a complex compound of natural linoleic acid isomers of omega-6 fatty acids. CLA has a positive effect on fat and muscle tissue. It can tone your cells as well as burn fat to speed up metabolic processes. Thus, CLA reduces fat deposits, promotes muscle growth and reduces insulin resistance.

Before taking slim supplements, you should consult a specialist. An experienced doctor will tell you which vitamins to take and at what stage to achieve maximum results. And remember that a healthy, beautiful body is based on loving yourself. Exercise, get more rest, avoid stress and eat less junk food and do not abuse sugary drinks.

Harm and contraindications of drugs for weight loss

It should be understood that even the best weight loss remedy can be dangerous to your health. To exclude possible risks, it is necessary to consult a doctor beforehand.

The harms and contraindications depend on the type of medication. Appetite-reducing drugs contain sibutramine, which affects the brain, suppressing the departments responsible for the feeling of hunger. Gradually, the volume of the stomach is reduced. But the active substance may cause development of complications (insomnia, nervous breakdowns, increased heart rate, nausea, severe headaches, and gastrointestinal disorders). After treatment, appetite is no longer controllable.

Diuretics help to remove excess fluid from lipid cells and tissues. After the pills are discontinued, there is a complete restoration of the water balance, which has no effect at all on fat deposits. The harm lies in the fact that minerals such as calcium, potassium and sodium are removed from the body with fluid. This leads to excessive weakness, and deterioration of hair, nails, and skin.

Drugs that inhibit the absorption of fats are a kind of filter that, without breaking down the incoming fats, eliminates them. Enzymes that process lipids are deactivated. All fat is eliminated from the body naturally. When using such preparations for weight loss, you need to eat right. Otherwise, too many fats start to enter the body. Due to this, the following processes occur:

  • metabolic processes are disrupted;
  • a deficit of nutrients, minerals and fiber develops;
  • hormonal disorders begin to occur.

Fat burners speed up the process of breaking down fat. The problem is that the body balances its own amounts. The surplus is excreted naturally in an unprocessed form. When taking diet pills, all incoming lipids are broken down. The process of breakdown produces glycerol and free fatty acids, which enter the bloodstream. Consequently, the drugs, if the diet recommendations are not followed, have the opposite effect.

Diet pills for women, which accelerate metabolic processes in the body, are dangerous side effects, ranging from dizziness to eating disorders. The safest means are diet pills designed on the basis of cellulose, fiber, and starch. They have no negative effects on the body, reducing portion sizes, as well as establish intestinal peristalsis.

The main contraindications, in the presence of which it is not recommended to take diet pills:

  • the presence of individual intolerance to the active components;
  • children under 18 years of age;
  • 1-3 trimester of pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • liver and kidney failure
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, such as colitis, intestinal obstruction, gastritis and others.

It is possible to avoid the negative effects of weight loss drugs. Just consult a doctor and clearly follow the instructions.

In order for weight loss drugs to bring only benefit and no harm, you should follow the basic recommendations for use:

  1. Do not use more than three pills a day, observing the exact dosage.
  2. Adhere to contraindications and if they are present, do not use the pills.
  3. Take it with water, not with tea or juice.
  4. Swallow it whole without chewing.

The course of treatment should not exceed one month. Otherwise, side effects will be difficult to avoid. After 4 weeks, you should take a 2-month break, and then, if necessary, repeat the therapy.

How can I enhance the effect of diet pills?

Even the best weight loss medication will not work if you do not adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations. To increase the effectiveness of weight loss pills, you should:

  • Adjust your diet. From the menu, you must exclude fried and fatty foods, as well as all sweets and flour. Fruit and vegetables should prevail in your diet.
  • Lead an active lifestyle. Exercise speeds up the metabolism, getting rid of fat deposits much faster.
  • Establish a good drinking regime. You should drink not less than 1.5 liters of water per day. Alcoholic and carbonated drinks are forbidden.

It is unacceptable in the course of treatment to consume products that contain a lot of fat. This can lead to the opposite effect. It is also necessary to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can negatively affect the result of therapy and cause the development of health problems.