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Orlistat para que sirve? 

Orlistat (Mexico) can only be prescribed by a doctor, who observes the patient's condition for some time. In almost all cases, the patient must take the drug in combination with a diet. Caloric intake should not exceed 1200-1500 kcal per day (calculated individually). The doctor prescribes the drug if the risk of obesity is greater than the risk of side effects. With obesity, there is a high probability of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hypertension. 

Orlistat is only an element of a complete treatment program. The full program includes the maintenance of physical activity and compliance with a moderate-fat diet. It is necessary to control the distribution of nutrients at each meal, as prescribed by a specialist.

Orlistat: mechanism of action

Leben orlistat acts in the gastrointestinal tract and inhibits gastric lipase and pancreatic lipase.

Orlistat: weight loss

The drug prevents some of the fat that enters the body with food from being adsorbed, which creates a calorie deficit. This, in turn, reduces weight or promotes weight control. The product prevents the absorption of fats that have been ingested with food by about 30%. Orlistat is practically not absorbed into the bloodstream. Eight hours after taking it, the drug is not detected in plasma. The total elimination time of the active substance from the body is three to five days, the half-life is one to two hours.

Orlistat: dosage

Orlistat (Mexico) is taken with food or no more than one hour after a meal. A single dose of Orlistat is 120 mg. The maximum number of taking the medicine is 3 times a day. It is possible to skip taking the medicine if a meal or a fat-free meal was missed.

Before taking the drug, read the prescription of the doctor, which may differ from the instructions for Orlistat 120 mg. 

Orlistat: side effects

Body system

Side Effects


more frequent defecation

Nervous system (usually symptoms last for the first 4 weeks of use)


Gastrointestinal side effects occur due to the high-fat content of the food. Statistics state that because of these manifestations, some patients stop taking the drug. To prevent the appearance of such effects, it is recommended to adhere to a moderate hypocaloric diet.

Sometimes the drug causes a disease with a predominant lesion of the small intestine and impaired absorption of fats, this is due to the fact that orlistat affects the absorption of fats. It can also cause a deficiency of vitamins A, D, E, and K, which are vital for the functioning of all systems of the body.

Orlistat: interactions

Orlistat may interact with drugs such as Amiodarone, Cyclosporine, Insulin, drugs for HIV or AIDS, and anticonvulsants.

Not all possible interactions are included in the list. Interactions with vitamins and herbal medicines are likely. Consultation with your physician is recommended before taking the drug.

Orlistat: warnings

You should not take Orlistat pills during pregnancy. Also, you should not take the medication if there are digestive disorders or gallbladder disease.

It is forbidden to take the drug in case of hypersensitivity; chronic malabsorption syndrome. It is prohibited to use the drug simultaneously with agents that reduce the activity of the clotting system. Orlistat should not be used by persons under 18 years of age.

Orlistat: over the counter

Orlistat pills can be purchased in our pharmacy without a prescription from a doctor. We recommend that you take the drug as prescribed by your doctor. You can also ask our pharmacist for advice online.

Orlistat: price

You can buy Orlistat at our pharmacy. Orlistat is purchased for weight loss by obese patients. The price may vary depending on the dosage and the number of tablets.

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