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Fenproporex is an anorexic stimulant belonging to the class of Phenylethylamine. The drug, developed in the mid-sixties, was intended to suppress appetite and treat obesity.

What is Fenproporex used for?

The metabolite of this drug is an amphetamine. It helps reduce appetite; reduces drowsiness; increases performance, speech, and motor activity.

In some cases, combinations of Fenproporex 20 mg with antidepressants and benzodiazepines are allowed.


IFA diety Fenproporex is listed in the third list of narcotic and psychotropic substances. In the WADA list, it is in the category “Stimulants” and belongs to class S6.

The drug is also banned in sports medicine, its intake causes a violation of anti-doping rules.

Side effects of Fenproporex 20 mg

Fenproporex 20mg contributes to the appearance of severe unmotivated anxiety and restlessness. Tremors of the upper and lower extremities develop.

Patients may complain of sleep disturbances against the background of increased performance and activity. Insomnia is manifested by frequent awakenings and difficulty falling asleep.

The drug also provokes panic attacks, which usually occur at night and are manifested by palpitations, severe shortness of breath (in some cases throat cramps are observed, and it seems to the person that he chokes), and sweating. Against this background, there is an intense fear of death.

Even when taking the drug at a therapeutic dosage, some people develop stimulant psychosis. It is manifested by delusions (typically developing delirium of persecution), behavioral and thought disorganization and paranoid thinking.

Additional adverse reactions:

  • Dilated pupils
  • Decreased vision (often combined with “dry eye syndrome")
  • The pallor of the skin
  • Yellowing and loss of teeth
  • Skin reactions (typically papular rashes that itch a lot. Areas at risk are the abdomen, chest, and elbow bends)
  • Rapidly changing moods (from euphoria to apathy and gloomy depression)
  • Rapid weight loss (up to 10 kg/7 days)

Where can you buy Fenproporex online?

Before Fenproporex buy online, you should definitely consult your doctor. To buy Fenproporex online, provide your name and address in the application. Shipping is available all over the continent.

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