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What is Pristiq medication, and what is it used for?

Pristiq generic is a prescription medication that is used to treat the depressive disorder. The medication belongs to the group of antidepressants, which are called serotonin-noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors.

The work of such drugs is aimed at restoring the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain to raise and improve mood. Although designed to treat depression, it may also be prescribed for other conditions by your doctor.

Pristiq medicine: Dosage

It is recommended to take the medicine in a dosage of 50 mg per day. Taking the medication is not linked to food intake, so you can take Pristiq medication both before and after you eat.

The dosage of 50 mg is both therapeutic (that is, sufficient to treat the main symptoms of the disease) and initial. The initial dosage is the drug dosage at the beginning of treatment, which increases over time, depending on the needs of the patient.

The attending physician may increase the dosage of the drug up to 400 mg, depending on the degree and severity of the disease. The dosage should be gradually reduced to complete the medication.

A dosage of 25 mg is optimal to reduce the amount of the drug before it is withdrawn. This helps reduce the risk of the patient experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

How long does Pristiq take to work?

From the time Pristiq 50 mg is started, it may take 6-8 weeks for symptoms to go away. During the first two weeks, you may experience improved sleep quality, higher energy levels, and appetite. These symptoms indicate the effectiveness of the drug.

Pristiq: weight loss

Taking Pristiq medicine is not directly linked to weight loss or gain. However, patients taking the medicine reported an increase in appetite, which may as a result affect their weight.

Clinical studies of patients taking the medicine show that patients lost an average of 1.8 pounds in the short term. People who used the medication long-term gained about 2.2 pounds on average.

Does Pristiq help with anxiety?

Pristiq 100 mg acts on norepinephrine, which is related to the body's response, also called “bey-bey.” That is, the medication aims to regulate the body's response to stressors and anxiety.

Therefore, the medicine helps to balance these two neurotransmitters (serotonin and norepinephrine) and as a result, reduce anxiety levels. Moreover, when taking Pristiq generic, patients experience a decrease in panic attacks and an improvement in mood.

Age restrictions on taking Pristiq

Depressive disorder is associated with suicidal risks. During treatment, patients may experience suicidal moods before the disease goes into remission. For example, Pristiq may cause suicidal risks in patients under the age of 25. Therefore, the medication is most often not prescribed to young people under 25 who are at risk.

Adults and the elderly aged 65 years and older are not at risk for suicidal ideation. However, older adults have an increased risk of side effects.

To reduce side effects, the optimal dosage of the drug should be determined in consultation with your doctor.

Pristiq: interactions

Taking Pristiq generic with other medicines may cause adverse reactions. You should not take the drug with drugs aimed at blood thinning. Furthermore, taking ibuprofen can cause bleeding or bruising (bruising).

Aspirin can cause risks of bleeding. However, your doctor may prescribe small doses of aspirin to prevent a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, you should always consult a doctor, who will determine if aspirin use is necessary for your situation.

The use of MAO inhibitors can cause serious drug interactions, up to and including death. You should avoid taking the following drugs with Pristiq:

  • Isocarboxazid;
  • Linezolid;
  • Metaxalone;
  • Methylene blue;
  • Moclobemide;
  • Phenelzine;
  • Procarbazine;
  • Rasagiline;
  • Safinamide;
  • Selegiline;
  • Tranylcypromine.

It is also not a good idea to take medications that increase serotonin levels with the drug. These can be medications or narcotics. If you are taking any of these substances, be sure to talk to your doctor.

Drug and alcohol interactions

It is not recommended that you consume alcohol while taking this medication. This may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment and increase the toxicity from the medication. If you have already taken alcohol while taking the drug, you should flush your stomach and see your doctor immediately.

Use of Pristiq during pregnancy and breastfeeding

The active substance of the drug enters the bloodstream and may be taken into the baby during pregnancy or with breast milk during breastfeeding. Administration of the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding should be coordinated with your doctor.

The doctor determines the ratio of benefits to risks of taking the drug, depending on individual characteristics. You should also consult your doctor about the use of Pristiq when planning pregnancy.

Pristiq: fibromyalgia

Pristiq is not used directly to treat fibromyalgia. However, many patients report decreased pain in muscles, ligaments, and tendons when taking this medication.

Pristiq for pain

The medication is not used to reduce pain. That said, the drug may be moderately effective in treating neuropathic pain.

Pristiq side effects

Pristiq 50 mg and Pristiq 100 mg may cause the following side effects:

  • GI disturbances;
  • Drowsiness and fatigue;
  • Increased sweating;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Sexual side effects.

Best time of day to take Pristiq

Taking the medication is not related to the time of day or food intake. Therefore, you can take the medication at any time convenient for you. It is recommended that you take Pristiq at the same time each day to increase the level of effectiveness of your treatment.

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Pristiq Desvanlafaxine