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Clonazepam (Mexico)

Clonazepam has a sedative and mild sedative effect. This is due to the effect of the active components on the reticular formation of the brain stem and nonspecific thalamic nuclei. The sedative (soporific) effect is manifested by a reduction of neurotic symptoms (in particular - fear and anxiety).

How long does clonazepam stay in your system?

The drug has a bioavailability of over 90% when taken orally. The duration of action of Clonazepam in adults is 10-12 hours. In children, the drug stays in the body for 6-8 hours. 

Clonazepam half life

The half-life of the drug in the body varies from 18 to 20 hours. It’s eliminated largely with the urine.

Clonazepam vs Lorazepam

Clonazepam is an anticonvulsant drug. Lorazepam is an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety drug). 

Clonazepam is taken orally only. Lorazepam is taken intravenously, intramuscularly, and sublingually. Clonazepam is a long-acting benzodiazepine with a rapid onset (1-4 hours). Lorazepam is a short-acting benzodiazepine. The half-life of this drug is 15 hours.

Urine detection time of Clonazepam 

Clonazepam remains in the urine for 18-20 hours. When this medication has been taken as a sleeping pill (for frequent awakenings, restless sleep, and other types of insomnia), there is little residual effect during the first half of the day.

Clonazepam and alcohol

Clonazepam may be taken in men 18 hours before and 8 hours after drinking alcoholic beverages. Women may take the drug the day before they are supposed to take alcohol and 14 hours after taking it. Clonazepam and alcohol must not be taken at the same time as it reduces blood pressure, leads to palpitations and in some cases may cause epileptic seizures.

Clonazepam vs Xanax

Clonazepam is an intermediate-acting drug. Xanax is a short-acting drug. On average, the half-life of Xanax is 6-12 hours. The greatest efficacy of Xanax is observed within 1 to 2 hours after ingestion. Clonazepam's greatest efficacy occurs within 4 hours. 

Xanax's shorter half-life is associated with the rapid development of drug tolerance. If a person takes the drug for a very long time, a steady increase in dosage is required over time to achieve an effect.

For this reason, Xanax is prescribed for a short period of time, while Clonazepam as part of therapy can be taken for quite a long time. Given that Xanax is more rapidly eliminated from the body, side effects are observed within 2-4 hours. Clonazepam side effects may be present for several days.

How to not be tired on Clonazepam

Fatigue can be a side effect of taking Clonazepam. In this case, you should reduce the dosage or stop taking the drug. 

However, withdrawal syndrome occurs when the dosage is reduced or Clonazepam is stopped suddenly. This condition carries a health risk. The risk of the syndrome occurs either by increasing the recommended dose or by prolonged use of the drug.

Before reducing the dosage or discontinuing it, you should see your doctor and strictly follow his or her recommendations.

Clonazepam overdose

Signs of overdose and intoxication differ depending on the individual reaction to the components of the remedy, weight, and age.

Most adults complain about the appearance of dysarthria (speech disorder, disorder of functioning of vocal cords, facial and respiratory muscles), ataxia (a motor disorder characterized by impaired coordination of movements of various muscles), and nystagmus (uncontrolled rhythmic movements of the eyeballs).
If the drug was taken as monotherapy, overdose carries a serious threat to health. Against this background, symptoms of aphlexia (choking), hypotension (severe decrease in blood pressure), or cardiorespiratory depression occur.
In the elderly, there is a risk of coma, which lasts from a few hours to a few days. Individuals with severe chronic obstructive airway disease show signs of respiratory depression. Clonazepam may also potentiate the effects of other drugs that have a CNS depressant effect.

Treatment of overdose involves gastric lavage and use of drugs that regulate the heart and CNS function.

Does Clonazepam cause weight gain?

There is a possibility of weight gain while taking Clonazepam, but it’s low. More often the opposite effect is observed: weight loss rather than weight gain. 

According to clinical studies, weight gain while using this drug is observed in less than 1% of patients. It’s assumed that weight gain is a side effect of the product.

Ativan vs Clonazepam

Unlike Clonazepam, Ativan is an anxiolytic. It’s taken intravenously, intramuscularly, and sublingually. It’s a short-acting benzodiazepine with a half-life of 15 hours.

Clonazepam vs Alprazolam

Clonazepam is used to treat akinetic seizures as well as myoclonus. Alprazolam is used to treat acute panic attacks and anxiety disorders. The difference in the effects of the two medications is due to the difference in their chemical structure and composition.

The average dosage of Alprazolam (particularly for panic attacks) is 0.5 mg, 3 times/24 h. Clonazepam is prescribed in a lower dosage (the starting dose of this medication is 0.25 mg) and requires less intensive administration (no more than 2 times/24 hours). 

Clonazepam for seizures

The anticonvulsant effect is realized because presynaptic inhibition is enhanced when Clonazepam is taken. Epileptogenic activity is suppressed. But there is no removal of the excited state of the epileptogenic focus.

Clonazepam (Mexico) promotes rapid suppression of the paroxysmal activity of various types - in particular, "spikes" and "spike waves". The drug has the most beneficial effect on the body against the background of the development of a focal or generalized form of epilepsy.

Clonazepam vs Valium

Clonazepam and Valium (Diazepam) are commonly prescribed in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Diazepam is also used as part of the therapy of some neurological pathologies (in the presence of convulsive muscle contractions, delirium, tremor, and other similar symptoms). Diazepam is allowed for the treatment of hallucinations that occur against the background of withdrawal of alcohol-containing products.
Clonazepam is prescribed for certain types of seizures, such as akinetic seizures. It’s acceptable to use this medication when signs of Lennox-Gasto syndrome appear.

Diazepam is available not only in tablets, but also in the form of rectal gel, injections, and solutions for intravenous/intramuscular administration.

Clonazepam and Melatonin

Melatonin is a synthetic analog of the epiphysis hormone (pineal body) melatonin. It’s intended to normalize circadian rhythms. The main effects are sedative and adaptogenic. 

Against the background of taking this drug, there is an increase in the concentration of GABA in the hypothalamus and midbrain. The activity of pyridoxal kinase, which is involved in the synthesis of dopamine and serotonin, changes. Melatonin enhances the effect (reciprocally) of CNS depressant drugs and beta-adrenoblockers.

Does Clonazepam lower blood pressure?

Decreased blood pressure is a side effect of Clonazepam. Additionally (especially in elderly patients) symptoms of tachycardia develop.

Clonazepam and Pregnancy

It’s not recommended to take Clonazepam during pregnancy because the active ingredients of the drug penetrate the placental barrier. This drug should not be taken during lactation either: Clonazepam is excreted with breast milk.

The drug may be prescribed to the future mother only if the therapeutic benefits significantly exceed the possible risks to the child. In the presence of severe seizures, the use of Clonazepam during the period of pregnancy should be under the supervision of a physician. In late pregnancy, the drug is not prescribed: otherwise, there is a risk of withdrawal effects in the child. These symptoms can be observed for several months.

Clonazepam. Addiction

Addiction to Clonazepam develops with prolonged use of this drug. With abrupt discontinuation, a "withdrawal syndrome" develops. Most patients complain of spontaneous but severe headaches. Some patients develop myalgia (muscle pains of various nature and localization).

Anxiety develops, which is accompanied by tension. Sometimes panic attacks are observed. The person becomes irritable, and at the same time, he/she has memory lapses accompanied by a decrease in concentration.

In the most severe cases, derealization develops - a severe condition characterized by impaired perception. The person perceives the world around him or her as unreal or distant. Depersonalization is also possible - a psychopathological symptom characterized by a disorder of self-perception of the personality.

Sometimes there is the development of hyperacusis - hearing impairment, which is characterized by increased sensitivity to certain frequencies and ranges of sound volume. Paresthesias may be observed in the extremities. Sometimes patients complain of tactile or light hypersensitivity.

Clonazepam for insomnia

Clonazepam has an effect on sleep. When taking this drug, sleep becomes deeper and more restful: nocturnal awakenings stop. The quality of sleep improves: the drug allows you to sleep better. The duration of sleep may not change. 

Clonazepam price

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What is the difference between a generic and brand name drug?
Nothing except for the name, packaging, and the price, a generic drug is called by its chemical name; manufacturers assign their own brand name. The generic products have the same ingredients. Standard practice and most state laws require that a generic drug be generically equivalent to its brand name counterpart. That is, it must have the same active ingredients, strength, and dosage form, be it a pill, liquid, or injection. The generic drug also must be therapeutically equivalent. It must be the same drug chemically and have the same medical effect.

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Rivotril Clonazepam