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General Information

Valtrex is a direct-acting antiviral drug. The active ingredient is Valacyclovir in the form of Valacyclovir Hydrochloride.

Composition of Valtrex

In addition to Valacyclovir, the drug contains microcrystalline cellulose, crosspovidone, povidone K90, magnesium stearate, colloidal anhydrous silica, carnauba wax, hypromellose. Valtrex is available in 500 mg capsules in a carton box of 30 capsules (10 capsules in blister).


  • Treatment of skin and mucous membrane infections caused by herpes simplex virus (HPV), including both recurrent and primary genital herpes.
  • Treatment of herpes zoster (shingles) and ophthalmic herpes zoster
  • Valtrex promotes the disappearance of pain, reduces the duration of pain syndrome, including post-herpetic and acute pain
  • Treatment of labial herpes, so-called lip fever
  • The drug reduces the risk of transmitting the genital herpes virus to a healthy partner with the rules of safe sex (suppressive therapy)
  • Preventive treatment of relapses of mucous membranes and skin infections caused by HPV.
  • When the first symptoms of HPV are detected, the drug helps avoid the formation of lesions, including genital herpes, including in HIV-infected people.

Prevention of Cytomegalovirus Infection

The use of the drug reduces the possibility of disease after organ transplantation, including transplant rejection.

Pharmacological properties

In the body, the active substance Valacyclovir is converted almost completely and quickly into Acyclovir and Valine under the influence of the Valacyclovir hydrolase enzyme (which is produced by the liver). Acyclovir is a specific inhibitor against type I, type II and type VI HPV, varicella-zoster, herpes zoster, Epstein-Barr virus and cytomegalovirus.

Acyclovir's active ingredients build into the viral DNA, break it up completely, stop its synthesis, and therefore block the reproduction of the virus. Rarely, the people with normal immunity have low sensitivity to Acyclovir. In patients with immune disorders after chemotherapy, organ transplants and in HIV-infected, sensitivity appears more often. 

Excretion of Acyclovir in patients with normal renal function occurs within three hours, regardless of the frequency of Valtrex administration. In patients after organ transplantation, excretion takes many times longer. In HIV-infected patients, excretion time reaches 14 hours. The drug is mainly excreted with the urine.


The drug is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to Valacyclovir (especially elderly people), as well as to Acyclovir and other components of the drug. If there is a pronounced immunodeficiency, it’s worth further consultation. Our experts will give good advice and help you to buy Valtrex online.

Dosage and administration

The drug is taken orally with some water, regardless of meals. During treatment of infections caused by HPV (if you have good immunity) you should take 1 tablet (500 mg.) two times a day for 5 days. For patients with relapses, use immediately at the appearance of the first symptoms. Treatment should not exceed 3-5 days. In primary cases of HPV, treatment should be prolonged up to 10 days because the course of the disease may be more severe.

In the treatment of shingles and ophthalmic herpes zoster, take 2 tablets (1000 mg.) three times a day for 7 days.

For herpes labialis, take 4 tablets (2000 mg.) twice a day. The second dose should be taken 12 hours after the first. In this case, treatment lasts no longer than one day. Take immediately when symptoms such as burning, tingling, itching in the lip area are detected.

In the prevention of recurrence of HPV and to reduce the risk of transmission of genital herpes for adult patients with good immunity, the recommended dose is 1 tablet (500 mg.) once a day. For people with HIV it's prescribed 1 tablet (500 mg) twice a day.

Your doctor may prescribe the drug to prevent cytomegalovirus infection after organ transplantation. Children over 12 years of age and adults should take Valtrex 4 tablets (2000 mg.) four times a day immediately after a transplant. Treatment is most often 90 days, but may be increased if there is a risk of transplant rejection.

Dehydration can occur with Valtrex, so it’s important to keep adequate water levels in the body. Caution should be exercised if the drug is used in patients with renal dysfunction.

Side effects

  • Frequently: headaches and nausea.
  • Infrequent: rash, shortness of breath.
  • Rare: hallucinations, vomiting, confusion, abdominal discomfort, dizziness, diarrhea, decreased mental capacity, itching, renal dysfunction
  • Very rare: leukopenia, anaphylaxis, thrombocytopenia, seizures, increased liver tests, kidney pain, agitation, ataxia tremor, hematuria, coma, dysarthria, urticaria, psychotic symptoms, angioneurotic edema, encephalopathy.

Valtrex for cold sores

The most common use of Valtrex is to treat labial herpes (colds on the lips, lip fever). For treatment, your GP may recommend taking 4 tablets (2000 mg.) 2 times a day. The second dose should be taken 12 hours after the first. Don’t take more than one day. Valtrex over the counter is available in our pharmacy at an affordable price.

Valtrex and alcohol

The side effects of the drug and alcohol are similar, so the negative reactions may appear or be increased when they are taken together. Alcohol adversely affects the liver, and the liver is required to break down the active substances of Valtrex by secreting enzymes. 

When used together, the effects of the drug may be low or absent. From this, we can conclude that to reduce the negative effects on the body and for effective treatment, you should not take alcohol with the drug. Alcohol may be taken at least 6 to 8 hours after taking the drug.

Valtrex: cost

You can buy Valtrex over the counter in our pharmacy; the price includes a prescription from an independent doctor.

Valtrex while pregnant

Valtrex during pregnancy is poorly studied, and clinical trials have only been performed on animals. Based on small data on pregnancy outcomes, women who took Acyclovir (Valtrex is converted in the body to one of its active substances – Acyclovir) gave birth to children without congenital defects compared to others. During pregnancy, the drug should only be used when its effect on the mother outweighs the possible harm to the baby.

Valtrex and breastfeeding

Clinical studies of the effect of Acyclovir (Valtrex is converted in the body to one of its active substances – Acyclovir) on the child during breastfeeding showed that even in high doses for the mother the concentration of Acyclovir in milk was only 1% of the dose. As a result, Valtrex can be used during breastfeeding, but it should be taken under the supervision of a doctor and in the doses prescribed by him.

Valtrex: interactions

Acyclovir (the active ingredient of Valtrex) is mainly excreted by the kidneys through an active tubular secretion mechanism. You shouldn’t take at the same time with drugs that are excreted in the same way. Furthermore, you should not use drugs that have Acyclovir as their base.

Valtrex: prescription online

In our pharmacy you can buy Valtrex over the counter, the price of the drug includes a prescription medical specialist who works in the staff of the pharmacy.

Valtrex and Ibuprofen

No adverse effects have been reported when Valtrex and Ibuprofen are used at the same time. Ibuprofen may be taken for additional pain relief if the effects of Valtrex have not yet manifested.

Valtrex: weight gain

None of the clinical studies of Valtrex have shown any side effects such as weight gain.

Valtrex 500 mg price

You can buy Valtrex online in our pharmacy for 30 capsules without a prescription. Please keep the original packaging and instructions for your medication. We offer quality products – no fakes and no pacifiers. You don't have to worry about that.

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